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Mo. Handles a lot of accessories, but two major. Original accessories created while thinking about what you want to attach to these images. And it is a vintage item centered on overseas. Today I am talking about the original accessories in it. All our design sources are in mind that they have taken their feelings and their feelings. Specifically, "It is an important day today," or "I want to give something like a disgusting thing yesterday," but just the accessories, but in the heart, sometimes It is a good accessory that shines and sometimes smooth. I think so.

In addition, even if it is an accessory alone, there are cases where there is not a thing as a design drawing, and "what is feeling" is expressed, so it is not a mass production, but most is very large. There are many accessories that only one point can be made.

Now it is a variety of values ​​and various things. The vintage handled is how we can not find out, or through various people, through a long year through Mo. through Mo. Imagine the scenery at that time, I'm excited, and I'm going to feel it and I imagine the local wind and smell. If you think so, it feels that it is very wonderful that you are doing now, so it's very valuable. (If you are acquired in today's modern Japan! And the author will surely think so)

However, what we want to deliver is not only that value. Surely "New things", people's thoughts are coming. I want you to do this, it looks like it's easy to fit and fashionable to the style of now, and it seems to be anywhere, but it's not something that is likely to be anything, and it's not enough to be a mass production With the longer longer use, the skin familiar is good and it's a good pleasure if you become a vision that you want to get in your hands and it's just a vintage. This is good for design, of course, talking on the big premise.

I would like to cherish what I want to be able to flow and I want to worth and acquire each.

I hope you can get Mo. accessories.


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