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Pollinator project


Mo. Pollinator Project

Mo. Working on regional activation, social contribution, environmental problems, waste loss, etc.Re: Project. The design is high and "fashionable things" is premisedHowever, from a wide range of perspectives, "Someone's helpful"In shape, we will create new values.



Currently Mo. Prepare a project that named Pollinator Project on the keyword "Something useful".


1 Japan sewing factory and lone waste discard loss

Currently, many of them sold domestically are works with clothing overseas factoriesOverseass that are mass producedSewing of Japan who loses in costThe factory also overlaps the influence of corona,It is stood up. In addition, the factory is treated as long as it comes out when commercializingThere are a lot of breakdown, and many are discarded for a large amount every day. Is the current state of the sewing plant at the end of the eye?


2 Employment of "Grandma" and helps people and regional revitalization

There are many sewing and embroidery technology, art and shaping sense "grandma". However, due to the age and the area and the environment where you have lived, I felt that this was a very disappointing, and no matter what the current situation without work and location that demonstrates its technology. "Grandma" can be done with what you want to do, and do not make works, environments and works that work and work?


3 Waste loss, useful for environmental issues

Consciousness is of course, but there is a current situation in which environmental awareness is increasing daily. A lot of consumed clothes, miscellaneous goods and life. Of course we have consumed a lot.

Aren't you going to change anything from now on, and you're going to help it? Can you feel new value by adding something that seems to be a variety of "things" such as clothes that will be consumed?


Pollinator project


We do not have enough power of Mo. and there are many things to do. However, I would like to change these current situations a little, and I would like to realize "Someone's helpful".


I think I can start selling soon,I'm glad if you look forward to it.






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